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This facility is for registered professional members only. Professionals can use our contact form to have an account set up - please give full name and professional number.

Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals

Scanner Workshops

There are two scanner workshops in the Northern area:-

1.30 pm on Thursday 11th December in Manchester (please contact ADFP Office for full details)


1.30pm on Friday 12th December at:

Premier Inn (Xscape) M62,
Junction 32
Colorado Way
West Yorkshire
WF10 4TA

Important Announcement

At no point has the ADFP banned any costume. There has been a conversation with the professional involved as to the age appropriateness of a costume. As no point has this costume being banned. Please do not comment on issues when you do not know the full facts. ADFP OFFICIAL.

ADFP Official


Rule 21A Amendment

Solo Pairs and Slow - take out the wording "Suitable footwear to be worn by all competitors"

Rule 44 Amendment

Immediate family is determined by first cousin or above by blood, marriage or co-habitation.


With effect from 1st January 2015 all Intermediate/Championship pairs to go to plain outfits - equivalent to Starter rules Beginners pairs dress to stay the same.


With effect from 1st January 2014 All boys to wear tops to cover the chest area

Important Notice To All Dance Teachers

To all teachers,please be aware that your amateur registrations for your pupils membership renewals and your professional membership fees are now due. If these payments are not made by the 31st January you may be liable to a £100 fine.

Propositions passed at ADFP AGM for inclusion with effect from 1st January 2013

Rule 17 (e) Loss of Life - (From Midlands, Southern and Northern Areas)

The number of lives lost is determined by the number of competitors in the first round of the event. As follows:-

  • 1st place = 7 or more competitors
  • 2nd place = 14 or more competitors
  • 3rd place = 21 or more competitors
  • 4th place = 28 or more competitors
  • 5th place = 35 or more competitors
  • 6th place = 42 or more competitors

Rule 17 (e) 4) Rule Amendment.

One of the lives lost by a championship dancer must be a first place at a Championship event before they move up to Premier Championship grade.

i) Premier Championship Status all three lives lost to be attained from Championship Events and one to be a first place.

The rest of rule 17 to remain the same.

At all Championships in pairs separate boy/ girl events should be run in U12, U16 and adult age groups.

At Championships U14 boy and Youth boy may be added to programme.

16 (e) Rule Amendment

On attaining the age of 16 years dancers may only downgrade once into the same section during their competitive life (i.e. if they downgrade at age 16, they cannot downgrade into the same section at age 18). However dancers may apply to the NEC to downgrade upon reaching age 20.

From Rules Committee

25. (a) Safety Restrictions.

In Freestyle competitions NO acrobatics or gymnastics, (i.e. cartwheels, handstands, walkovers,) etc are permitted. These restrictions do not apply to solo spots.


All Professional Members must attend a seminar annually in order to keep their licence.

No Makeup or fake tan of any description on U6, U8 and U10’s.

Newly Registered Schools

Any Professional extending their business into a new geographical location will be classed as a new school.

Please refer to rule 37 newly registered schools.

Personal Accident Cover

Amateur registrations now £14 which includes personal accident cover.

Visual Marking

The a.d.f.p. do not support the use of visual marking at any event run under a.d.f.p. rules.

Fake Tan

No oil based or non drying tan allowed to se worn at any a.d.f.p. event . No tan to be applied at the venue of any event.

Premier Champ Slow

At the promoters discretion premier championship slow grade maybe introduced with rules being in line with existing rules for attaining premier championship status as in solo section.


Whilst a dancer is on exclusion they will not be permitted to attend competitions. (this is effective from 1st january 2012 and will apply to anyone on a suspension)


Weights will not be permitted to be worn or used at any competition run under a.d.f.p. rules.

Message to All Dancers - Competition Numbers

Please note the following rule.

Rule 50 (d) Numbers to be issued on the day of the event. They will be of standard size, and feature black printing on a plain background. No dancer may carry the same Number from one event to another and the number must not be decorated or altered in any way.  

Card Payments

Professionals -  we are pleased to advise you that card payments can now be taken over the phone.