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ADFP Sanctioned Dance Competitions 2014

Happy new year amateurs and professionals. The full list of 2014 ADFP sanctioned dance competitions is available below. Please be aware that dates will be added to the list throughout the year.

ADFP Dance Competitions 2014


26th Alfreton - Jones/Webster

26th Bournemouth - The Dorset Champs - M Matthews

26th Scunthorpe - J Clifton

26th Sheffield - C Walker

26th Swanley - J Regan

26th Thame - J Moase


2nd Belfast - A Healy

2nd Cradley Heath - D Corbett

2nd Grangemouth - Scottish ADFP Freestyle Champs - G Brown

2nd Grays - A Anderson

2nd Stratford-on-Avon - J Short

9th Chippenham - De Bellinger

9th Cleethorpes - V Betts

9th Egham - D Green

9th Lincolnshire - A Betts

9th Nottingham - D Heale

16th Larkhall - City of Edinburgh Championships - E Wedlock

16th Meadowbank - D Nicol

16th Sunderland - H Telford

16th Swansea - M Johnson

23rd Coventry - G Witherford

23rd Swanley - Diva Championships - J Regan

28-2nd Bridlington - Craig Walker


2nd Grangemouth - Supreme Freestyle Championships - M McAuley

2nd Luton - Jane Hollis

2nd Scunthorpe - Imperial Open Freestyle & RnR Champs - J Clifton

2nd Spelthorne - Paul Streatfield

2nd Stratford-on-Avon - J Short

2nd Weston Super Mare - P Bartlett

2nd York - M Naylor

7-10th - The 5 Nations

7th-9th Romney Sands - Regan/Collins

7th-9th Somerset - Southwest England Freestyle & RnR champs - Shepherd/Bellinger

9th Alfreton - Jones/Webster

9th Sheffield - L Williams

14-16th Newquay - Quay West Championships - M Johnson

14-17th Blackpool - 5 Nations - A Healy

16th Maidstone - Welch

16th Middlesbrough - Northern Star Slowdance Championship - Brown/Kelly

21st-24th Scarborugh - Supreme Grand Prix - Llewellyn/Curry

23rd Chepstow - Welsh Slow Dance Champs - T Walters

23rd E. Finchley - M.K.T. Moase

23rd Scunthorpe - J Clifton

23rd Totton - M Jordan

23rd Wollaton - J Barkes

23rd Wigan - P Critchley

30th Coventry - G Witherford

30th Hythe - C Plumley

30th Redcar Bowl - V Cook

30th Stratford on Avon - J Short


6th Glasgow - A Laing

6th Kent - Regan/Collins

11th-14th Cayton Bay - East Coast Champs - L Williams

11th-14th Skegness - Barkes/Heald

13th Bradley Stoke - L Garland

13th Spelthorne - Thames Valley Freestyle Champs - Paul Streatfield

20th Egham - D Green

26th-27th Flamingoland - G Connell

27th Clacton - C Gale

27th East Grinstead - W Baker

27th Redcar - Dancelines/Kelly

27th Scunthorpe - J Clifton

27th Swansea - M Johnson

27th Thame - J Moase

27th Totton - M Jordan


4th Applemore L.C. - South Coast Championships - C Plumley

4th Gateshead - K Llewellyn

4th Maidstone - J Welch

4th Stratford-on-Avon - J Short

10th-11th Flamingoland - G Connell

11th Nottingham - East Midlands Championships - D Heald/J Barkes

11th Renfrew - Mayfest Slow Dance Champs - M McAuley

11th Sheffield - L Williams

11th Swindon - Newman/Walters

18th Alfreton - Jones/Webster

18th Doncaster - J Clifton

18th Luton - J Hollis

18th Belfast - A Healy

18th Worthing - J Collins

25th Haywards Heath - Cooper/Barkes

25th Southport - Northwest Champs - P Critchley

25th Swanley - J Regan

25th-26th Torquay - P Bartlett


1st Belfast - Dancelines

1st Coventry - G Witherford

1st Grays - Essex Disco Freestyle Champs - A Anderson

1st Meadowbank - Scottish Freestyle Championships - M Quilietti

1st Scunthorpe - J Clifton

1st Stratford on Avon - J Short

8th Cradley Heath - D Corbett

8th Hemel Hemstead - M.K.T. Moase

8th Irvine - Scottish Solo Star Grand Final - M McAuley

8th Middlesbrough - A Brown

8th Snaith - M Naylor

8th Totton - M Jordan

13th-15th Hayling Island - Dancer of Dancers - Povey/Hollis

13th-15th Pwhelli - Elite Freestyle Champs - Cooper/Nicol/Walters

15th Braintree - C Gale

15th Worthing - J Collins

22nd Wakefield - M Naylor

28th-29th Blackpool - World Freestyle Champs - A Jones

29th Chippenham - D Bellinger


5-6th Wolverhampton - Icon Championships - K Chandler P Waite

6th Gateshead - K Llewellyn

6th Manchester - Dancelines/Baird

6th Nottingham - D Heald

6th Thame - J Moase

13th Alfreton - Jones/Webster

13th Clacton - C Gale

13th Egham - D Green

13th Stratford On Avon - Feva Gold cup - J Short

13th Swansea - West Wales Cup - M Johnson

13th Tipton - Uttley/Millward

20th Bradley Stoke - L Garland

20th Lincolnshire - V Betts

20th Maidstone - J Welch

20th Wigan - Dancelines/Critchley

27th Gateshead - North East Champs - Carless/Armstrong

27th Scunthorpe - J Clifton

27th Worthing - J Collins


3rd Chepstow - Dancelines/ Walters

3rd Gateshead - Dance Idol Championships - K Llewellyn/D Jones

10th Glasgow - G Davidson

10th Lincoln - J Clifton

10th Stratford on Avon - Warwickshire Doubles - J Short

15-17th Blackpool - IFDC 2014 - Craig Walker

17th Grangemouth - Dancelines/McAuley

17th Newcastle - Helen Perry

24th Sheffield - Yorkshire Open Championship - L Williams

31st Cowdenbeath - Fifes Finest - G Brown


7th Hextable - J Regan

7th Redcar - Smith/Jones

7th Nottingham - D Heald

7th Snaith - M Naylor

7th Stratford on Avon - Dancelines/Short

7th Weston Super Mare - P Bartlett

20th-21st Flamingoland - G Connell

21st Havant - M Jordan

21st Haywards Heath - Cooper/Barkess

21st Immingham - J Clifton

21st Thame - J Moase

21st Stoke-on-Trent - Miss Freestyle - A Jones

28th Braintree - C Gale

28th Chepstow - Welsh Freestyle Champs - T Walters

28th Clifton - Barkes

28th East Grinstead - W Baker

28th Hemel Hempstead - M.K.T. Moase

28th Lincolnshire - V Betts

28th Belfast - A Healy

28th Sheffield - Dancelines/Walker

28th Southport - Northwest Slow Champs - P Critchley

28th Worthing - West Sussex County Champs - J Collins


3rd-6th Poole - Wessex Freestyle Champs - Bartlett/Garland/Matthews

5th Alfreton - Jones/Webster

5th Lincoln - J Clifton

5th Swanley - J Regan

6th Glastonbury - D BellingerBritish Freestyle Champs

12th Blackpool - A Jones

12th Coventry - G Witherford

12th Maidstone - J Welch

12th Stratford on Avon - J Short

12th Tipton - Uttley/Millward

17th-20th Clacton - National Freestyle Champs - Cooper/Nicol/Walters

17-21st Sheffield - East of England Championships - L Williams

19th Flaxton - M Naylor

19th Thame - J Moase

19th Totton - M Jordan

24th-27th Skegness - Barkes/Heald

26th Bradley Stoke - L Garland

26th Scunthorpe - J Clifton

26th Sheffield - Carless/Walker

26th Walsall - A Jones

26th Worthing - J Collins

31st-2nd Aviemore - Aviemore Freestyle Championships - M McAuley

31st-2nd Southport - U-Nique Champs - Uttley/Critchley/Revell/Anderson


1st-2nd Southport - U-Nique Champs - Uttley/Critchley/Revell/Anderson

2nd Coventry - G Witherford

2nd Egham - D Green

9th Chippenham - D Bellinger

9th Middlesbrough - A Brown

9th Totton - M Jordan

16th Immingham - J Clifton

16th Lincolnshire - V Betts

16th Redcar Bowl - V Cook

16th Swansea - M Johnson

21st-23rd Camber Sands - Camber Open Freestyle Champs - J Welch

23rd Bilborough - J Barkes

23rd Cowdenbeath - Kingdom of Fife - G Brown

23rd Rainton - Dancer of the Year - D Jones

23rd Sheffield - L Williams

23rd Stratford on Avon - J Short

23rd Tipton - Uttley/Millward


7th Nottingham - D Heald

7th Scunthorpe - J Clifton

7th Spelthorne - Southern Counties Freestyle & RnR - Paul Streatfield

14th E. Finchley - M.K.T. Moase

14th Redcar - D Carless

14th Swindon - Newman/Walters

14th Wakefield - Naylor/Beaumont